Thank you to all my clients, colleagues, partners and those I've worked with for providing reviews and recommendations, as a proud and passionate coach and trainer they're lovely to read.

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“I managed Beth for five months, and I am genuinely in awe of her. Beth project managed a complex project aimed at women career switchers moving into tech.. She managed an annual budget of £250,000 and a team of coaches, whilst also delivering support to women herself. Her commitment to women, her values, her passion, her adaptability, and her expertise are breathtaking. Beth would be an asset to any organisation - I can't wait to see what she does next.”

- Helen Kell, Development Director
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“In the time I have come to know Beth I have been struck by so many qualities and skills she possesses. She is an individual who does not go into a situation unless fully prepared; she then approaches that task with unflinching commitment and determination. She has great focus. Beth also has incredible energy and drive, she makes things happen. I have witnessed her ability to steer the most challenging and sensitive situation with great professionalism, but also with great fairness.

Beth is someone who can understand the complexities of a situation quickly, grasp the key points and scrutinise them effectively. Although she is an individual who succeeds brilliantly when working on her own, and using her own initiative, Beth is also such a brilliant team player and supporter of others. I have no hesitation in recommending Beth to any potential employer because of the impression she has made on me due to her many qualities and skills. In short, Beth would be a huge asset to any organisation.”

- Catherine Bailey Thomas, Director & Trustee
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“Bethan is a powerful force for good with a can-do attitude. She has the ability to inspire confidence in others and motivate team members to achieve goals. Many of the women supported by Bethan remember her personally because of her commitment in going above and beyond. She is an excellent connector and uses this ability to support wider organisational goals.”

- Lucy Reynolds, CEO
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“I’ve had the privilege of working alongside Beth delivering leadership development to women throughout Wales in support of a gender equal Wales. What you get with Beth is an unparalleled passion to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients and programme participants. She possesses an exceptional level of energy and determination to get the job done to the highest possible standard. This coupled with a commitment to build the strength of the team and a collaborative mindset means she really does deliver outstanding results.”

- Wendy Derrick, CEO
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“Beth has been a fantastic mentor to me during my studies with Chwarae Teg / ILM. As a coach she has driven me and others to challenge ourselves and think about what we are truly capable of. She has been encouraging, funny and kind. Her passion for women to achieve their goals is abundantly clear and inspired me to lead with empathy and place equality, diversity and inclusion at the core of every decision. I have learned so much about my skills, my values and my leadership practice. More importantly how to put these into action and make that ripple effect have an impact throughout my career.”

- Kate Simons, National Volunteer Manager