Beth, founder of The Fabulous Facilitator has been raising funds & awareness since 2015 for Diabetes UK and 2 Wish. Beth’s 13-year-old son Peter died suddenly and unexpectedly in January 2015. Peter had a chest infection that was masking the signs of the onset of Type 1 Diabetes, if not diagnosed quickly enough it can be fatal, Peter was one of the unlucky ones.

Beth and family have campaigned for greater awareness ever since, they’ve raised over £100,000 and saved the lives of 12 children who were diagnosed promptly due to Peter’s campaign, his legacy. 

Beth has won multiple awards for both campaigning and fundraising, she attributes these to the army of support from family, friends and the community. The aim of the campaigning is to raise vital awareness of the dangers of late diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. The signs of onset are know as the 4Ts, Toilet (frequent weeing), Thirsty (excessive drinking), Tired (continuing lethargy) and Thinner (rapid weight loss), if any signs occur in children together or in isolation then visit the GP urgently for a blood glucose instant finger prick test.

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